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International Center for Language Studies, Inc.

200005 1133 15th Street NW, Suite 600
(202) 639.8800 

The International Center for Language Studies is licensed by the Education Licensure Commission of the District of Columbia, and is a founding member of the Association of Proprietary and Public Language Schools (APPLS). ICLS also provides on-site training in the Washington DC metropolitan region and in locations throughout the continental United States.


Language teaching and learning at ICLS is based on the premise that language is a system of sounds by which people communicate. ICLS emphasizes the mastery of the sounds of English, both in speaking and listening. The principal activity in the classroom is oral practice known as Induced Discourse, which is a continuous exchange between student and teacher. New elements of the language are systematically introduced, with the result that the student learns something new by using them to communicate. There is constant attention to the development of native-like sounds and an understanding of the nuances of idiomatic English as it is spoken by native speakers. Reading and writing are also taught at all levels. Homework is assigned daily; it includes written composition, outside reading and study materials, and listening exercises.

ICLS offers several ESL programs. These are:
     - High Intensity Language Training (HILT) - 1 week (45 hours) - $2,230
     - Private Tutorial - 30 hours of Private Instruction - $1,320
     - Semi-Private Classes - 30 hours of Semi-Private Instruction,  (2 students), per student - $720
     - Small Group Classes. These classes are designed for corporate and organizational clients who request training programs for their employees. 
     - Intensive English Program, (IEP) - per 4-week session - $725
     - TOEFL Preparation - 7 hours per week, in 6-week sessions - $378
     - TOEIC Testing

Registration fee - $75
Materials (approx.) - $50

 About our Project

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