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Find English language courses for ESL, TOEFL and Cambridge test preparation and business English offered by leading US colleges. Study English in the USA.
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ASTAR Education Institute

20109 7864 Donegan Drive
(703) 368.6838 

ASTAR’s various programs give students the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their educational and professional goals. Its programs have proven to be effective, thanks to the experienced teachers and dynamic curriculums which allow students to master their area of study.


Intensive General English. Perfect for students wanting to learn English quickly. 80 hours/month; 20 hours/week

Semi-Intensive General English – Evenings. Great for students with busy schedules who want to learn English as quickly as possible and have time in the mornings. 32 hours/month; 8 hours/week

Biweekly General English - for students who want to learn English systematically. 16 hours/month; 4 hours/week

Saturday English - for students who don't have time during the week for English classes. 12 hours/month; 3 hours/week

Intensive TOEFL - for Students intending to enter a U.S. university. Morning or afternoon classes available. 80 hours/month; 20 hours/week 

SAT Prep Class - for Students intending to enter a U.S. university. 80 hours/month 20 hours/week

Citizenship Class - for students interested in applying for US citizenship. Weekday evening and weekend classes available. 16 hours/month; 4 hours/week all over the world and required for many international teaching positions.

Semi-Intensive and General English Classes. ASTAR understands that not everyone has the time to devote to intensive English study, so the school strive to offer programs that can fit into students busy schedule. The Semi-Intensive English classes meet three or four days a week in the mornings or evenings for students who work, but still want to improve their English quickly. There are also biweekly and Saturday class schedules for students who have less time but are still motivated to improve their English. Students in all classes can participate in tutorials at the self and guided study and resource center for extra practice.

Intensive Summer English Young Adult Course. International high school and university students may attend the month long summer intensive English course. This course is designed for young people who want to study English intensively and learn as much as possible in the shortest time before returning to their regular academic programs. The program includes American cultural activities and leadership workshops.

TOEFL Preparation Course. Astar offers group TOEFL classes designed to prepare international students for entrance into United States colleges and universities. Students can take morning or afternoon classes. Morning hours for this course are 9:00 AM-1:15 PM, and afternoon classes are 1:30-5:30 PM Monday-Friday. The Astar Institute Academic Placement Service (offers university and college placement services for TOEFL test takers. The TOEFL prep classes are based on thematic units that develop academic skills in English while building test taking confidence. Teachers create lessons that give integrated skill practice to develop critical thinking. Teachers go over sample tests with the class to give practical test taking strategies. Instructors keep track of individual students’ progress and provide targeted instruction where needed.

SAT Test Preparation Course. The SAT preparation course will provide language and test strategy support to students who are planning to take the SAT college entrance exam. Classes emphasize writing skills needed for the SAT essay questions. Teachers go over sample tests with the class to give practical test taking strategies. Instructors keep track of individual students’ progress and provide targeted instruction where needed. Students take many practice tests and review questions for the important critical reading, writing, and math sections.

 About our Project

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