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Tallahassee Community College

32304-2895 444 Appleyard Drive
(850) 201.8258 

With excellent academic support and classroom facilities and Web-based classes, TCC offers a variety of instructional methods to ensure student success.

TCC is recognized, annually, in Community College Week's Top 100 colleges for the number of associate degrees awarded. In June 2008, TCC ranked 14th among two-year institutions nationwide in the total number of associate degrees awarded. Additionally, TCC was ranked 8th nationally in the number of degrees awarded to African-Americans.

TCC's faculty provide a strong foundation for its many graduates moving on to Florida State, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical universities and other four-year institutions. Nearly 75 percent of TCC's A. A. graduates transfer into the State University System within a year, the highest percentage in the Florida community college system.


Adult ESL programs work with adults (16 years and older), whose first language is not English and who are no longer attending public schools, to help those not fully fluent and literate in English communicate effectively in English. This means developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. TCC's ESL programs are designed to help our adult students acquire the skills they need to meet their personal, vocational, academic, community and employment goals. Our Adult Basic Education (ABE) program serves native English speakers and also serves adults learning English.

Pre-academic ESL programs: concentrate on preparing learners for further training and education in postsecondary institutions, vocational education classes, or ABE and GED classes.

Lifeskills or general ESL classes: focus on developing English language skills in the context of topics or functions of daily life, such as going to the doctor, getting a job, shopping or managing money.

ESL family literacy programs: address the family as a whole, providing English language and literacy instruction for adults and children. Often these programs include parenting elements and information that parents can use to further their children's literacy and general educational development. Some programs, such as Even Start, are collaborations between K-12 and adult education programs.

English literacy/civics (EL/civics) programs: integrate English language instruction with opportunities to learn about civic participation, civil rights and responsibilities and citizenship.

Workplace ESL classes: are offered in work settings and focus on development of language that is directly relevant for employees in that setting.

Preparing learners for jobs: these programs may concentrate on general pre-employment skills such as finding a job or preparing for an interview, or they may target preparation for jobs in specific fields such as horticulture or hospitality.

Do not charge for Adult Education, GED and ESL classes.
Spring 2009 – $69.50 per credit hour ( for non-residents - $250.75 per credit hour)
Summer 2009 – $69.50 per credit hour ( for non-residents - $250.75 per credit hour)

 About our Project

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