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Find English language courses for ESL, TOEFL and Cambridge test preparation and business English offered by leading US colleges. Study English in the USA.
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TALK International School of Languages

33328 3530 S. University Drive
(954) 262.8696 

The school has 2 university campus locations in Boston and Fort Lauderdale. Its mission is to help create a world where communication, understanding, cooperation and respect exist between people of all countries and cultures. TALK offers English courses to meet the needs of a wide variety of students. Whether students are a teenager or business executives, from beginner to advanced level student, requiring general or specialized programs, they can find an appropriate course here.


Integra. General English, av. 12 per class, 6 levels, part-time course (less than 18 clock hours per week),18 units per week. $240 per week.
Ultima. General English, average 12 per class, 6 levels, 25 units per week. $265 per week.
Ultima (Academa). Academic English, average 10 per class, upper-intermediate English level  or higher required, 25 units per week. $290 per week.
UltimaPlus. Ultima group classes + 5 private units, 30 units per week, $500 per week.
UltimaPlus (Academa). Academic English, average 10 students per class, all levels, Ultima + 5 group classes to prepare students for university study, 30 units per week, $375 per week.
Cambridge Exam Preparation. Exam preparation, all certificates, additional 12 units of intensive practice included in course. 12 weeks including exam weeks. (exam fee not included). 25 units per week, $3,000 total.
TOEFL Exam Preparation. TOEFL exam practice and strategies for improved scores, 5 units per week, $60 per week.
TOEIC Exam Preparation. 2 weeks intensive exam practice and strategies for improved scores, 20 units per week, $1,000 total.
IELTS Exam Preparation. 1 week intensive exam preparation, 20 units per week, $375 per week.

 About our Project

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