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English Language Learning Center

30066 2800 Canton Rd., Suite 1300
(770) 355.5569 

English Language Learning Center, which is located in the Piedmont Village Shopping Center offers students a friendly environment, small classes, caring teachers and affordable prices. English Language Learning Center offers a daytime and evening program including lots of speaking practice, grammar, reading, writing, listening and use of American idioms.


The School offers a comprehensive program of grammar, reading, speaking, listening, writing, American idioms, and vocabulary building. Have 11 levels of study. It also offer a separate conversation/speaking course and a TOEFL preparation course.
Morning and Evening Programs is Our program is based on a 2 day/2 hour class.

The monthly tuition is based on $7 per hour of instruction. Each class meets two days per week for 2 hours. In a normal month, there are 8 classes, which include 16 hours of instruction. (16 hours X $7 per hour = $112 per month). If there are more or less classes in a month, you will be charged accordingly. Some students prefer to take classes more than two days per week. For those who take class 5 days per week, there is a 10% discount. Tutoring costs $30 per hour.

 About our Project

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