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Glendale Community College

85302 6000 West Olive Avenue
(623) 845.3136 

Glendale Community College was founded in 1965. Last year, more than 32,000 students enrolled in a wide variety of degree and certificate programs on their way to achieving personal goals that are as diverse as the people we serve. GCC offers 60 associate degrees, 77 certificate programs and over 1000 individual courses.


English as a Second Language. This special program is open to any student who already has an intermediate level command of English and who wants to prepare for a college-level academic program. Students in the program work on improving their skills in the following areas: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Listening/Speaking, Language Laboratory, Computer Skills. Students who successfully complete the IEP can continue in an academic transfer program. 

Some of the program courses are: Grammar; Listening and Speaking; Writing with Oral Practice; Reading ESL; General Vocational English; Basic Review Grammar/ ESL; Intermediate Review Grammar/ ESL; Advanced Review Grammar/ ESL; Pronunciation Improvement; American Culture: History; American Culture: Institutions, Customs; American Culture: Sports, Entertainment; Adv Pronunciation and Oral Reading; Language Skills: Speaking and Writing Standard English; Basic Writing Skills; Fundamentals of Writing; First Year Composition for ESL and others.

Tuition for full-time enrollment is $3400 per semester.

 About our Project

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