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Mississippi State University

Mississippi State 
39762 1 Barr Avenue, P.O. Box 6268
(662) 325.2323 

Mississippi State University was founded in 1878. The total enrollment to the school last year was up to 13,500 students.


The Intensive English Program offers students a chance to learn American culture, make friends from around the world, and experience a real U. S. university atmosphere—all while being immersed in an English environment. Program Features are: 20 hours per week of intensive language study; a comprehensive culture program; exciting courses in four English Mastery Programs, a choice of integrated skills courses, placement exam upon arrival, Proficiency Exams every 8 weeks. 

English Mastery Programs. After a person arrive, he/she will be given a placement exam which places the person in one of four English Mastery Programs. Each program has three core courses and an integrated skills class. The programs are: The Foundations of English Program; The Basic Mastery of English Program; The General Mastery of English Program; The Professional Mastery of English Program; Popular Integrated Skills Courses. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded for each program that you successfully complete.  Each program takes an average of two eight-week sessions to complete.A Certificate of Program Participation will be awarded to students who leave a program prior to completion.

Culture Programs. Conversation Partner Program (Friendship and English Practice). It offers: 1 hour per week minimum meeting schedule, conversation (speaking/listening) practice; teachs native language and culture; is available to all ESL students.

Conversation Connections (Weekly conversation meetings). Program is available to all ESL Center students. The program provides interesting and fun speaking topics and activities, opportunity to meet more American students, conversation partner.

Activities, Events, & Trips (Several opportunities available each week) program offers variety of weekly events, many on-campus activities such as sports events and concerts, day trips to various cities in and outside of Mississippi, possible weekend trips to major Southern cities.

Spring/Fall Semester, 16 weeks - $2950
Spring/Fall Session, 8 weeks - $1625
Summer Semester, 10 weeks - $2050
Spring Session, 5 weeks - $1075

 About our Project

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