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Clarkson University

New York 
13699  8 Clarkson Ave.
(315) 268.3984 

Clarkson University was founded in 1896. Today, Clarkson is a nationally ranked research university offering more than 50 comprehensive programs in business, engineering, science, liberal arts, health sciences, and physical therapy. The university enrolls approximately 3,000 students. Student-to-faculty ratio is 16:1.


ESL Program of Written and Spoken English. Clarkson University's ESL courses in written English are designed for non-native speakers of English at a low-advanced to advanced level of proficiency in written English. These courses are generally taken as part of a full schedule of academic classes, and are offered for both undergraduate and graduate students. For undergraduate students, there are two courses that help prepare them for the written work they will do in their general education and elective courses, as well as in their major courses. Undergraduate students can count ESL courses toward their graduation requirements; please consult with the major departments for details. For graduate students, there are two courses that help prepare them for writing their theses, as well as research papers and reports.

The ESL Program also includes an oral communication skills course designed for international teaching assistants (TAs) and other international graduate students and visiting scholars. This course helps prepare students to interact with undergraduate students and faculty.

Non-Credit Courses:
- ESL Writing Placement Test

Credit Courses.
- ESL Academic Writing for Undergraduates
- ESL Advanced Academic Writing for Undergraduates
- ESL Academic Writing for Graduate Students
- Academic Spoken Communication Skills for TAs and other International Graduate Students

$1,074 per 1 credit hour

 About our Project

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