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North Carolina State University

North Carolina 
27695-8106 Campus Box 8106, NC State University
(919) 515.9299 

NCSU enrolls 31,000 students and nearly 8,000 faculty and staff. The School offers Bachelor's degrees in 115 fields; master's in 169 fields; Ph.Ds in 62 fields; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. The University is ranked 11th among American Public Research Universities.


The Summer Institute in English, part of the English as a Second Language program, is designed for students, business people and professionals pursuing more advanced proficiency in English. It provides intensive communicative instruction and practice in the use of American English. The Institute emphasizes cross-cultural communication skills and speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading and writing. In addition to classroom instruction, a computerized language laboratory is available for student use and as a supplement to classroom instruction.

Besides intensive class work on language and culture, the Institute provides a regular nonacademic evening program and social events to help students adjust to the area and to provide opportunities to practice English skills. The Institute offers five weeks of intensive instruction in July and August.

Students at similar levels of proficiency are grouped into small classes for instruction in conversation and speaking, listening comprehension, reading, writing, pronunciation, and grammar. Classes are held 23 hours per week. Students are encouraged to use the language laboratory to complement course work.

In addition to regular courses, a variety of elective courses are also offered, including: TOEFL Preparation; Pronunciation; Vocabulary Development; Business Writing; American Short Stories; English & Computers; Culture Through Films; Presentation Skills; Idiomatic U.S. English.

$1695 (Includes tuition, books, insurance, social activities, NC State Student Center activities and computer lab fee.)

 About our Project

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