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Find English language courses for ESL, TOEFL and Cambridge test preparation and business English offered by leading US colleges. Study English in the USA.
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University of Minnesota

55455 101 Wesbrook Hall, 77, Pleasant Street S.E.
(612) 624.4000 

The University of Minnesota has helped thousands of students from around the globe improve and achieve academic success and advance their careers. Teachers in the Minnesota English Language Program (MELP) are dedicated and experienced professionals who have lived and taught throughout the world.

University of Minnesota was founded in 1851. The University has five campuses and numerous research and outreach centers. It enrolls 40,572 undergraduate students and 25,527 graduate, professional, and other students.


English as a Second Language. The Minnesota English Language Program (MELP) helps international students prepare for academic work in an English-speaking college or university setting, but can also be used to improve English skills for business or personal reasons. A variety of credit and noncredit courses are available throughout the year. Classes take advantage of the University of Minnesota's world-class faculty and facilities, and are designed to help students acquire the English speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills they need for professional advancement or for success in a university-level classroom.

The Intensive English Program
is geared primarily for students who need to improve their English skills in preparation for study at a university or college, or for those who wish to prepare to take the TOEFL exam. 

Academic English Program (AEP). A series of credit classes primarily for students already enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs who are seeking to improve their English language skills while taking other academic course work.

Contract Learning. Short courses or programs in English language instruction individually designed to meet the needs of learning cohorts.

$774.23 per 1 credit hour.

 About our Project

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