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Find English language courses for ESL, TOEFL and Cambridge test preparation and business English offered by leading US colleges. Study English in the USA.
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Larson's Language Center

72758 1730 W. Poplar
(479) 633.9900 

Larson’s Language Center programs use the “Natural Learning Method”. This is an effective method, proven by linguistic research, which takes advantage of the natural human ability for language acquisition. Its students learn another language in the same way that they learned their first language – by listening and repetition. Here, language programs are taught by qualified instructors, and produce excellent, professional results, as well as being fun.


Private Lessons. Student(s) form a group numbering from one to ten people. It may be made up of business partners, employees, family members, or friends. The lessons are arranged according to the students’ needs and teacher availability. These classes could be held at the students’ place of business. It is required a minimum of two weeks to set up the class. 

Semi-Private. Larson’s Language Center puts together a group of three to ten students. This option is for people on a waiting list who could not join a Special Course, or those who are at a more advanced level. These classes are held at Larson’s Language Center and can start at any time during the year.

Special Courses. Larson’s Language Center sets up the class and it is open to anyone who wants to join. These are our most economical course offerings. These classes are held at Larson’s Language Center in the evening and usually start in September and January. Plan to enroll early in order to ensure your place in the class.

Intensive Courses. Theses classes are for students who have special circumstances and need to quickly learn basic communication or specific phrases for traveling, taking a test, etc.

Tutoring. For students who need assistance with other language programs outside of our curriculum.

Duration: 10-14 weeks

Tuition: $190.00
Book: $20.00 (Deposit)
Registration: $30.00

 About our Project

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