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Snow College

84627 150 East College Avenue
(435) 283.7000 

Snow was established in 1888. Today it enrolls only about 2800 students. Snow offers some of the smallest classes in Utah. Credits transfer easily to any four-year school or university in Utah, and even out-of-state if that's your choice.


Snow College has one of the best English language centers in the Western United States. With its small classes, convenient campus, and excellent teachers, Snow College offers some real advantages over larger schools.

Snow College ESL classes are divided into four levels. Students attend classes five days a week for four or five hours a day. Listening, reading, writing, grammar, and conversation are taught at each of these levels. In addition, American culture is taught in Level 2. At the highest level, the focus of each class is more on academic skills: literature, library and internet research, American studies, and test taking. The ESL program is an integrated skills program; any given course will require students to use all their language skills. Students in the ESL program are in classes five to six hours a day. 
At Snow you will improve your skills in pronunciation, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. At the most advanced level, there are courses in literature, library and internet research, American studies, and test taking. Snow's ESL Department also offers instruction in note taking, using computers, U.S. government, classroom culture, using the library, and TOEFL preparation.

Tuition and fees (9 months) $8,500
Board and room (estimate) $2,500
Personal expenses (estimate) $850
Books and supplies (estimate) $650
Other fees (estimate) $500

 About our Project

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