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Find English language courses for ESL, TOEFL and Cambridge test preparation and business English offered by leading US colleges. Study English in the USA.
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Shoreline Community College

98133-5696 16101 Greenwood Avenue North  
(206) 546.4697 

Shoreline Community College was founded in 1964. Today, the SCC enrolls more than 9,960 students, among them 584 international students from 33 countries. 

Faculty and professional staff help students choose between two transfer degrees and more than 50 professional-technical programs, some short-term, others taking up to two years to complete.


English as a Second Language. Shoreline’s eight-level ESL program takes students from the most basic level of language learning to advanced college-level preparatory English. ESL courses are integrated and content-based, which means that reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening are taught together as students study a specific content area such as world issues or cross-cultural communication. The first five levels of the program offer intensive basic English training to students who are not yet ready for college classes. Then, the “developmental” ESL levels (6, 7, and 8) serve as a “bridge” program in which students take college classes while completing the higher levels of their ESL training. This unique combination of ESL and academic coursework allows Shoreline international students to enter the U.S. educational system in a supportive environment. After students complete level 8, they move on to a regular English course required for most degrees at Shoreline as well as other colleges and universities. Shoreline does NOT require international students to take the TOEFL examination. 

Tuition (15 credit hours) - $7,914
Fees - $120

 About our Project

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