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Find English language courses for ESL, TOEFL and Cambridge test preparation and business English offered by leading US colleges. Study English in the USA.
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Boston school of Modern Languages

02131 814 South Street
(617) 325.2760  

Since 1925, BSML has created the ideal environment for you to enhance your study experience. SML’s highly-qualified American teachers are thoroughly committed to helping their students reach the goal of English fluency. Program participants live with friends in student shared apartments and practice their English outside of class with their new international friends. Those who prefer to live with an American host family, will fully experience American culture and family life. It is possible to learn American English year-round or take a summer course. Here students prepare for the TOEFL, SAT, GRE, LSAT & GMAT and study business English. Graduates receive a decorative diploma confirming the level of English they've achieved. There are 14 levels - from elementary to advanced. The precise placement testing finds the level that's just right for an applicant. Never too hard, never too easy, never a waste of time. Students may also enroll in a college preparation class or other specialized courses.


Students choose intensive instruction five days per week from 9:00 am to 3:05 pm or semi-intensive from 9:00 am to 12:38 pm. 


Intensive English. 30 hours per week:
4 weeks - $1,476.00;
8 weeks - $2,886.00;
12 weeks - $4,231.00;
16 weeks - $5,510.00;
24 weeks - $7,872.00;

Semi - Intensive English.
20 hours per week:
4 weeks - $1,170.00;
8 weeks - $2,288.00;
12 weeks - $3,354.00;
16 weeks - $4,368.00;
24 weeks - $6,240.00

Private Instruction – $65 per class

 About our Project

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