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Crowder College, English Language Institute

64850 601 Laclede
(417) 455.5493 

The Crowder College was founded in1963. Now, it offers Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science degrees in addition to many Certificates. The average class size is 17. The school is accredited by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Coordinating Board for Higher Education.


The following classes are offered through the English Language Institute:

Intermediate English. Grammar I: Using Be and Have; Expressing Present time, Past time, and Future time; Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives; Making Comparisons; Expressing Ideas with Verbs

Listening & Speaking I teaches to understand and respond to simple day-to-day conversation situations, speak with good pronunciation; converse with native speakers with little difficulty in simple conversation topics.

Reading & Writing I
provides skills necessary for reading for main idea, inferences, and context clues, to read for retention, write in Present, Past, and Future tenses, write summaries and paraphrase, write using correct punctuation and basic grammar.

Advanced English. Grammar II pays attention to Verb Tenses, Modals, Passive Verbs, Gerunds and Infinitives.

Listening & Speaking II teaches to understand the main ideas and facts of simplified academic lectures; take notes of the main ideas and facts of simplified academic lectures; understand the main ideas and facts of authentic new broadcasts, conversations, and movies; understand sounds, stress, rhythm, and intonation of English words and sentences; use sounds, stress, rhythm, and intonation of English words and sentences; talk about daily situations; discuss ideas in groups; give short, unprepared and prepared speeches.

Reading & Writing II teaches reading for main idea/comprehension, restatement and inferences, context clues, and full understanding; read with appropriate comprehension: Newspaper Articles, Technical Prose, Literature, Scientific Writing, and Poetry. Writing skills: paraphrasing, paragraph writing, creating topic sentences, summarizing, outlining, persuasive writing, poetic prose, etc. Writing Grammar focuses on correcting sentence fragments and run-ons, subject-verb agreement, coherence, using a variety of sentences, parallelism, and consistency in tense, person, number, and tone

$123 per 1 credit hour

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