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Henderson State University

71999 1049 Henderson Street
(870) 230.5546 

Henderson State University, was founded on March 24, 1890 as Arkadelphia Methodist College. The university was renamed for Charles Christopher Henderson, and was also named for Walter William Brown as Henderson-Brown University, but the Brown has since been removed.

With an average student enrollment of approximately 3,500 students, university student-faculty ratio is 18:1. The average class size is about 30.

Language Center prime objectives are:
     - To serve area business and industry employees desiring basic language and cultural understanding for more effective and efficient work performance.
     - To address the challenges of a language diverse population.
     - To demonstrate an understanding of the language needs and concerns of  the residents in the HSU service area.
     - To equalize educational and economic opportunities via language training.


The University Language center provides outreach opportunities for language assessment, multilingual services, and lifelong learning while providing skills and opportunities to enhance the quality of life in the HSU area by:
     - Enhancing cultural integration and awareness
     - Increasing English communication skills
     - Offering TOEFL iBT preparation classes
     - Addressing English as a Second Language (ESL) needs of the workforce

Students are accepted year round, to accomodate unplanned difficulties. Prices for registration vary depending on date of registration for classes.

Classes meet Monday through Friday 09:00 to 15:00 with 1 hour lunch breaks.
     - ESL Spring semester will begin in January 
     - ESL-IEP Summer semester will begin in July
     - ESL Fall semester will begin in August


ESL tuition is $2,375.00 per student per semester. This includes books and supplies.
Student health fee is $38.00 per student per semester.
International student health insurance is $76.00 per month and is mandatory.

 About our Project

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