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Find English language courses for ESL, TOEFL and Cambridge test preparation and business English offered by leading US colleges. Study English in the USA.
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University of Houston-Downtown

77002 One Main Street
(713) 221.8000 

The University of Houston-Downtown was founded in 1974.

UHD is a publicly-supported, urban university located in Houston's central business district.

Today it offers four-year degree programs in 26 areas of study and graduate programs in education and criminal justice. Enrollment has surpassed 12,000 students who attend classes in four Colleges: Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, Public Service and Sciences and Technology. A fifth college, University College, serves as the entry point for all students coming to UHD. Approximately 2,000 students graduate each year with degrees in humanities and the arts, social sciences, business, the sciences and technology, education and criminal justice.


The Intensive English Program offers the latest in program design, teaching technique, equipment, and materials. Meet our Instructors; courses which prepare students for academic life in U.S. universities. Meet our Students; study which is intensive: 20 hours in-class and 20 hours of computer lab every week; 6 sessions per year, 6.5 weeks each session; classes which meet 5 days a week, from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.; a computer laboratory which is open from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.; 7 levels of instruction with rapid advancement (graduation in 1 year or less); Testing, Promotion, Graduation. New students are assigned a level based on placement test score. Promotion to a new level is possible every session. ELI graduates enter the university without a TOEFL score. ELI graduates receive three hours of academic credit. Students receive Certificates of Completion and Certificates of Graduation. $ 977.50+$108 (medical insurance).

Afternoon electives. ELI  20 hour elective classes are held once or twice a week in the afternoons after the intensive program classes have ended for the day.  These classes are not considered full-time and must be taken in conjunction with the intensive program for those students who enter on an F-1 Visa.  All other students may select one or more classes as desired.  All afternoon electives are run based on student registrations.  Minimum 6, maximum 16 students. There is an additional fee for these classes. Elective classes are taught by ELI program instructors and professionals from the university community.  ELI program instructors are degreed in English Language teaching or related fields.  They also have a minimum of five years experience in the classroom and have experience abroad.

Business English Program. The English Language Institute offers special one-on-one classes for business employees and managers who need to improve their English language skills for their professions.  We take pride in our program because it not only develops English skills but also develops an understanding of how to do business in the United States.  rainees usually have a limited time period to devote to English study, so we offer a concentrated course. Trainees take four intensive English program classes to help with their general English integration. These classes include instruction in listening and speaking, reading writing and grammar.

Trainees also take a combination of one-on-one classes which are decided upon by the trainee and the ELI Director (or by the trainee’s company and the ELI Director). The two types of one-on-one classes are training classes and business laboratory classes. The training class targets specific skills and content desired by the trainee. The instructor works with the trainee for one hour using textbooks and other material that support language development.   The business laboratory class is designed by an instructor to support the trainee’s other classes and integrate language skills using available English language software and other media.  The trainee works in the ELI computer lab or language lab (or both), following the schedule prepared by the instructor.  The instructor is available for questions and re-direction, but does not spend the entire hour with the trainee. $60.00 per hour

TOEFL Preparation Course. The course introduces students to the construction of the TOEFL test, the types of questions encountered, the most effective strategies for test-taking, and the most effective study methods. Students get extensive practice in each aspect of the TOEFL test with explanation and correction.  Short practice-TOEFL tests are given on each section. Test-taking strategies are demonstrated and practiced. Students are provided with a personal study plan developed to resolve problem areas. Students will take a preliminary practice TOEFL test at the beginning of the course and another at the end of the course to measure progress.  Past statistics show an average improvement of 50 points at the end of the course. Students must have intermediate English skills or better to enter this class. $200.00

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