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California State Polytechnic University, Pomona English Language Institute

91768 3801 West Temple Ave., Bldg.86
(909) 869.4814 

Ranked among the top public universities in the western United States, Cal Poly Pomona provides a rich academic experience that encourages hands-on learning in every program, course, and activity on campus. The university features eight academic colleges: Agriculture; Business Administration; Collins College of Hospitality Management; Education and Integrative Studies; Engineering; Environmental Design; Letters, Arts and Social Sciences; and Science. In addition, community access to traditional extension programs is offered through the Extended University.

Cal Poly Pomona is alive with academic, social and volunteer opportunities. Students may choose to work side-by-side with faculty on research, garner unique internships, volunteer in community development projects or join any of the 240 clubs and organizations.

Cal Poly English Language Institute (CPELI) is operated by the College of the Extended University at California State University (CSU) in Pomona, California. The institute's motto is "Don't just learn English - Live it at Cal Poly Pomona!"

Staff members are available to advise new students on housing, health insurance, immigration laws and registration requirements. Personal and academic counseling are available. Dormitory housing is suggested as a way to meet American students. CPELI is located close to the library computer labs, classrooms, dining areas and recreation facilities.


English as a Second Language program consists of five levels of instruction, from beginner to advanced. Course level placement is based upon Michigan Test scores and a writing sample. Testing commences upon arrival at CPELI. The programs are year-round, divided into four 10-week quarters. Special short-term programs are also available. Classes consist of 20 hours per week of core instruction including listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and five hours per week of an elective such as TOEFL Preparation or American Culture and Cinema. 

Program courses:
Core Class #1 – is an integrated English class that stresses communication and collaborative learning. The focus of this course is on grammar and writing skills. 
Core Class #2 – focuses on reading, speaking, listening and vocabulary acquisition skills. This is a required class.
Elective Courses. Includes such classes as "American Pronunciation and Intonation", "American Culture and Cinema", "American Idioms and Slang" and TOEFL Preparation
Computer Courses – prepares students for the use of computers in both academic and everyday life. 

Bridge Program
The CPELI Bridge Program allows CPELI graduates the opportunity to experience university level classes prior to matriculation.

Tuition - $2,750, per 10-week quarter

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