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SUNY Plattsburgh

New York 
12901 101 Broad Street
(518) 564.2000  

SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury is a branch campus, offering selected undergraduate and graduate programs. Both campuses are walkable, safe, and scenic.

The total enrollment of the University is 6,400 students. Average Class Size is 24. Student-to-faculty ratio is 17:1

Minimum grade point average requirements vary according to program, usually between 2.3 and 2.5. SUNY Plattsburgh offers more than 60 degree programs within three academic divisions: Arts and Science; School of Business and Economics (AACSB accredited); Education, Health, and Human Services

About 88.3 percent of SUNY Plattsburgh students are New York State residents. Approximately 1000 freshmen, 850 transfers, and 100 graduate students enroll each year.


Plattsburgh provides the English Bridge Program to help students improve their English language skills in preparation for full-time academic study. Depending on TOEFL or IELTS results, students accepted into the English Bridge Program must take ESL courses, some of which are credit-bearing toward graduation requirements. If the student's English language skills are strong enough, they may also take academic, credit-bearing courses at the same time. The average class size for ESL classes is five allowing much opportunity for interaction with the teacher and the other students. The English Bridge Program offers two levels of instruction: Intermediate and Advanced.

The objectives of the English Bridge Program (E.B.P.) are to provide English Language Skills, academic study skills, and familiarity with American culture, in order to enable students to function successfully at the university level. E.B.P. classes help students improve their ability to listen to lectures and take notes, read college textbooks, write essays, and edit their own grammar. Students learn how to speak American English with confidence.

The ESL courses develop students' speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills to a level commensurate with university academic studies. These classes will help students improve their grammatical accuracy, essay-writing skills, and research skills. They will also enhance their TOEFL test results. Students will learn how to speak American English with confidence. The Program is fully dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals at SUNY Plattsburgh.

ESL Courses:
- Intensive Summer English Program (0 cr.)
- Writing: Developing Paragraphs (3 cr.)
- Grammar Editing for Speakers of Other Languages (3 cr.)
- Listening Comprehension for Speakers (3 cr.)
- Conversational English for Speakers of Other Languages (3 to 4 cr.)
- Reading English for Speakers of Other Languages (3 cr.)
- Advanced Grammar Editing (3 cr.)
- Advanced Listening (3 cr.)
- Advanced Conversational English (3 cr.)
- Advanced Reading (3 cr.)
- Instructional Practicum (1 to 3 cr.)
- English as a Second Language Independent Study (1 to 15 cr.)

$536 per 1 credit hour

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