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San Francisco State University

San Francisco 
94132 1600 Holloway Ave.
(415) 338.1438 

San Francisco State University is a leader in high-quality, accessible, student-focused higher education. With 23 campuses, almost 450,000 students, and 47,000 faculty and staff, SFSU is the largest, diverse, and one of really affordable university systems in the country. It offers unlimited opportunities to help students achieve their goals. It prepares graduates who go on to make a difference in the workforce. The University is engaged in research and creative activities leading to scientific, technical, artistic and social advances.


English for Professional Purposes (English as a Second Language - ESL) - Multi-Skill Certificate of Completion for Non-Native English Speakers. English for Professional Purposes offers a multi-skill certificate. Upon completion, participants will have gained exposure to and practice in three significant language skill content areas relevant to their professional and personal development as communicators in English. These content areas include oral communication; writing; and the participant's choice of vocabulary, pronunciation, or grammar. Participants must have an intermediate to advanced level of English to participate in the certificate program. No beginning level courses are offered. To meet the minimum certificate requirements, participants must complete 81 to 90 hours of instruction (8.1-9 CEUs) by taking one or, in some cases, two courses from each language skill area: oral communication skills, writing skills, and other essential skills.

The program studies:
     - Speaking Effectively: Developing Pronunciation & Conversation Strategies (30 hours); or Speaking Effectively: Conversational Techniques that Work (15 hours); Speaking Effectively in Challenging Situations (15 hours), offered in summer semester only.
     - Speaking Effectively: Presentation Skills for Non-Native English Speakers (30 hours) 
     - Business Writing for Non-Native English Speakers (30 hours) 
     - Advanced Business Writing for Non-Native English Speakers (optional, 15 hours)
     - Refining Pronunciation (21 hours)
     - Grammar Review: Understanding Verb Tense & Other Grammar Hot Spots (15 hours)
     - Grammar Review: Sentence Structure, Phrases, Clauses, & More (15 hours)

Students may take no more than two years (or six semesters) to complete the certificate. Four weeks before the participant attends the final course in the program, an application for the certificate of completion with a$50 non-refundable fee is due. EPP classes may be taken independently or as part of the certificate. Students who receive the certificate are welcome to continue their language skills enhancement by taking any other EPP courses that were not included in their certificate program.

Nonresident Tuition per Unit $339.00

 About our Project

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