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University of California, Riverside

92507-4596 1200 University Avenue
(951) 827-4346 

UCR's current enrollment is over 19,000 students, with a goal of 21,000 students by 2020. The campus is in the midst of a tremendous growth spurt with new and remodeled facilities coming on-line on a regular basis.

The University is located approximately 50 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. UCR is also within easy driving distance of dozens of major cultural and recreational sites, as well as desert, mountain and coastal destinations.

At the University of California, Riverside, students may choose from a variety of English language programs as well as from professional programs in a broad range of fields. Since 1975, the Intensive English Program (IEP) has developed its curriculum to provide students with the best learning experience. With approximately 4,000 yearly enrollments in all programs offered, UCR-IEP has one of the largest and most respected ESL programs in the United States.


Intensive English Program. This program offers small classes (average 14 students per class) with students from more than 35 countries. Private or group conversational partner are available at no additional cost (10-week session). as well as class (for credit) with American students at no extra charge to students at advanced levels in 10-week session of the Intensive English Program. (Extension classes available in fall, winter and spring only). Undergraduate, transferable University of California credit given for advanced and high advanced levels (10-week session). Institutional TOEFL & TOEIC exams is offered every quarter. 

Academic Year Program - (Intensive English). This is an intensive 30-week program designed for students or professionals with beginning to advanced levels of English proficiency. The program consists of any three consecutive 10-week sessions. 

University Preparation Program. This program is designed for those who want to study at an American university. An adapted curriculum is also offered for those interested in MBA programs. Program offered in 10-week sessions. 

Improving Oral Fluency Program. Those with advanced English language skills enhance their speaking and listening through group practice as well as through individualized feedback. Special attention is given to pronunciation, grammar and cross-cultural interaction and awareness. 

English for International Business. Participants learn basic American business practices and acquire English language skills for use in an academic or professional setting. Program is offered in 4-week and 10-week sessions. 

Design-Your-Own Program (DYO). It is a flexible program designed to meet individual needs. Students may choose any combination of Intensive English classes, Extension classes and UCR classes (except during summer). 

Conversation & American Culture Program. This program is for those who have only 3 weeks for language study, for those who want to combine studies with trips to exciting sites of Southern California, or for anyone who wishes to improve speaking and listening skills. Program is offered in three-week sessions throughout the year. 

From: 3 weeks =$1,200 to 9 months=$19,400

 About our Project

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