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Associate of Arts in Acquisition & Contract Management
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Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice
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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
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Certificate Program in Business Administration
Certificate Program in Information Systems

Strayer University - Alabama

Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Rating: Yes
Score: Yes
State: Alabama
City: Birmingham, Huntsville
Phone: 205.453.6300


Middle States Commission on Higher Education


The Alabama Campuses of Strayer University are dedicated to serving students seeking a business-oriented education. Students are offered on campus programs, distance learning programs as well as educational programs for government agencies and corporations in two campuses in Birmingham and Huntsville. Students may complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees, diploma and certificate programs in a variety of fields of studies as accounting, business, criminal justice, education, health services administration, human resource management, information systems and public administration.


The main part of the population of the University is composed of working adults attending college on a part-time basis at night and/or on the weekend. So Strayer University does not provide on-campus housing. And students who need housing opportunities have to find apartments by their own.


Campuses of Alabama also have variety of computer labs with a great number of them to be used by students during normal campus hours. These labs are equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems and high speed Internet connections. The software includes, but is not limited to, the Microsoft Office Suite, Peachtree accounting software, and Microsoft Visual Studio. These computer labs at the campus support classes in a number of programs. Besides students may use resources of Learning Resources Centers/Libraries of campuses that support the academic programs and information literacy program with both traditional and electronic instructional resources and services. All campuses of the Strayer University combined library holdings include approximately 95,000 books, 800 periodicals on subscription, and 1,500 audio-visuals. Through the librarys online catalog, circulating books can be located and requested from any of the LRC collections.

Health & Safety

Alabama Campuses of Strayer University do not provide health services. Students are recommended to maintain health insurance coverage during their enrollment. Strayer University offers voluntary health insurance options for various needs: temporary health insurance for short-term needs, a plan for full-time domestic students, and two different plans for international students (and their dependents) engaged in full-time study outside their home country. Students may also use non-insurance healthcare protection and medical savings plan. Campus Director and Campus Dean bear the responsibility for the safety and welfare of students, faculty, and employees of the campus. In case of some dangerous situation students and staff should report to them about it. Each year an Annual Campus Security Report is distributed to all students, staff and faculty via e-mail. This report contains additional information on campus security regulations, notification procedures, recommended personal safety practices, campus crime reporting guidelines, and campus crime statistics for the most recent three-year period.


The possibility to receive information technology and business-oriented education at the Strayer University's Alabama Campuses attracts a student population of various ages, a majority of whom are working adults. More than 62% of students are people aged 31 years or older, 32% of students aged 23-30 and 6% of traditional college age students (under 23). Female students constitute 67% and 33% are male students. Stayer University offers students an opportunity to participate in different student organizations, clubs or social activities. Participation in these organizations may help students to get to know other students as well as faculty and staff and to develop or to demonstrate leadership skills and special talents. University entrants should check with their local Campus Dean for clubs and organizations information available to this campus.


Alabama Campus students have to look for housing opportunities as the University does not offer campus housing for students and does not provide information about possible variants. A variety of housing options are available near Strayer campuses but securing housing is the responsibility of students.

Alumni & Post-Grad

At Strayer University there was created the online Alumni Directory which centralizes contact information about graduates of the University. Alumni of the University have access to this directory and are encouraged to keep an updated profile in order to stay connected with former classmates and make professional connections that support mutual professional development. Graduates who have updated directory profiles are invited to networking, community, and campus events.

Jobs & Internship

Students of Alabama Campuses may use Career Services on campus and online. The Career Services Office staff have a goal of assisting students in reaching their career goals by connecting students with employers. Students may also create an account and uploading resumes to StrayerU CareerLink that is an online, comprehensive, 24/7 career management system and increase their chances to be employed. Graduates and students may also receive assistance from Regional Student Affairs Officers who offer career workshops, online career webinars, resume evaluation, career advising, and online job postings.

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