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Strayer University - South Carolina

Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Rating: Yes
Score: Yes
State: South Carolina
City: Greenville, Columbia, North Charleston
Phone: 864.250.7000


Middle States Commission on Higher Education


South Carolina Campuses of Strayer University are dedicated to serving students seeking a business-oriented education. Students are offered both full-time and part-time study, at three campuses conveniently located in Greenville, Columbia and North Charleston. Here at South Carolina Campuses students may receive undergraduate and graduate degree, diplomas and certificates in several fields of study, including accounting, business, criminal justice, education, health services administration, human resource management, information systems and public administration.


The general student population of the University is composed of working adults attending college on a part-time basis at night and/or on the weekend. So Strayer University's South Carolina Campuses do not consider it necessary to provide on-campus housing.


Stayer University's South Carolina Campuses are ready to offer its students a variety of computer services. Multiple computer labs including open labs are available for students use. Students may also be taught at teaching and networking labs of the campuses. All labs are equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems and high-speed Internet connections. Each campus of South Carolina has also the Learning Resources Center that supports the academic programs and information literacy program with traditional and electronic instructional resources and services. LRC provides students with library resources, computer labs and audiovisual support. It is the place where students may receive necessary materials through the online catalog of the library as circulating books can be located and requested from LRC collection of other campuses' libraries.

Health & Safety

All students of the South Carolina Campuses of Strayer University are required to provide proof of proper immunization as the University must comply with various state health and immunization standards. Students entering Strayer University should be aware that South Carolina Campuses do not provide health services for its students. Students are recommended to maintain health insurance coverage during their enrollment. But still the University offers voluntary health insurance options for various needs: temporary health insurance for short-term needs, a plan for full-time domestic students, and two different plans for international students (and their dependents) engaged in full-time study outside their home country. As for the safety and welfare of students, faculty, and employees, Campus Directors and Campus Deans are responsible for security and safety at the campus, along with security personnel. Victims, witnesses, or any person who has knowledge of any criminal activity or other emergency on campus should report it immediately to them. Students should also know that the University may place security cameras on campus in order to improve security monitoring. These cameras are to be placed in visible locations in publicly accessible areas and will not record audio signals. Every year the University will distribute an Annual Campus Security Report to all students, staff and faculty which contains additional information on campus security regulations, notification procedures, recommended personal safety practices, campus crime reporting guidelines, and campus crime statistics for the most recent three-year period.


South Carolina Campuses of Strayer University have a diversity student body where 62% of students are people aged 31 years or older, students aged 23-30 constitute 32% and traditional college age students (under 23) constitute 6%. Female students are the majority of the students population at the University and constitu nearly 67%, 33% are male students. Strayer University's social activity is the integral part of students life and an important aspect of college education. Participation in extracurricular activities helps students get to know other students as well as faculty and staff. These kinds of activities gives students an opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership skills and special talents.


Students at Strayer University's South Carolina Campuses are not offered campus housing and the University does not provide necessary information to help find an appropriate off-housing apartments for its students. A number of housing options are available near Strayer campuses, but securing housing is the studentís responsibility.

Alumni & Post-Grad

The Office of Alumni Relations of Strayer University provides benefits and services to alumni, establishes educational and professional connections between current students and alumni, promotes a positive image of the University and its students - past and present, and honors alumni service and leadership in the community. Graduates are encouraged to keep an updated profile in the online Alumni Directory. Alumni have access to this directory, which centralizes contact information so that they can stay connected with former classmates and make professional connections that support mutual professional development.

Jobs & Internship

South Carolina Campuses of Strayer University offer an opportunity to connect students and graduates with employers and find the place of employment but still the University does not guarantee that students are sure to find the placement after the graduation. Graduates and students are also have an opportunity to use StrayerU CareerLink that is an online, comprehensive, 24/7 career management system available to students and alumni seeking full and part-time jobs. Alumni and current students should create an account, upload their resumes, and opt in, and then profile their resumes to potential employers. All campuses have "Career Corners" which include books, periodicals, and local job listings. More career resources are available on the Universityís iCampus website where students can also find information on resume writing, cover letters, salary negotiations, behavior-based interviewing, networking tips, job search strategies, etc.

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