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This is online community of international students studying in the USA.
The site where students help students to survive and thrive during their stay in America.
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Undergraduate Programs
Bachelors Degree in Accounting
Bachelors Degree in Advertising
Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Agricultural and Extension Education
Bachelors Degree in Agriculture Business Management
Bachelors Degree in Agronomy
Bachelors Degree in Animal Nutrition
Bachelors Degree in Art & Design
Bachelors Degree in Art History
Bachelors Degree in Athletic Coaching Education
Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training
Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry
Bachelors Degree in Economics
Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education
Bachelors Degree in English
Bachelors Degree in Environmental and Natural Resources
Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology
Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design
Bachelors Degree in Finance
Bachelors Degree in Foreign Language
Bachelors Degree in Forest Management
Bachelors Degree in Geosciences
Bachelors Degree in Investigative Forensics
Bachelors Degree in Geography
Bachelors Degree in Food and Nutrition
Bachelors Degree in Geology
Bachelors Degree in History
Bachelors Degree in Horticulture
Bachelors Degree in Industrial and Management Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Interior Design
Bachelors Degree in International Studies
Bachelors Degree in Journalism
Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture
Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Bachelors Degree in Management
Bachelors Degree in Management Information Systems
Bachelors Degree in Marketing
Bachelors Degree in Mathematics
Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Medical Laboratory Science
Bachelors Degree in Mining Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies
Bachelors Degree in Music
Bachelors Degree in Nursing
Bachelors Degree in Philosophy
Bachelors Degree in Physical Education/Teacher Education
Bachelors Degree in Physics
Bachelors Degree in Political Science
Bachelors Degree in Psychology
Bachelors Degree in Public Relations
Bachelors Degree in Recreation & Park Resources
Bachelors Degree in Foreign Language Education
Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies
Bachelors Degree in Anthropology/Sociology
Bachelors Degree in Mathematics for Secondary Teachers
Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education - Science
Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education: Social Studies
Bachelors Degree in Social Studies Education
Bachelors Degree in Social Work
Bachelors Degree in Soil Science
Bachelors Degree in Speech Pathology/Audiology
Bachelors Degree in Sport Exercise Psychology
Bachelors Degree in Sport Management
Bachelors Degree in Theater
Graduate Programs
Masters Degree in Accounting
Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering
Masters Degree in Agricultural and Extension Education
Masters Degree in Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics
Masters Degree in Agronomy
Masters Degree in Animal Nutrition
Masters Degree in Animal Physiology
Masters Degree in Art & Design
Masters Degree in Art History
Masters Degree in Athletic Coaching Education
Masters Degree in Athletic Training
Masters Degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Masters Degree in Economics
Masters Degree in Educational Leadership
Masters Degree in Educational Psychology
Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering
Masters Degree in Elementary Education
Masters Degree in Engineering
Masters Degree in English
Masters Degree in Entomology
Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology
Masters Degree in Finance
Masters Degree in Foreign Language
Masters Degree in Investigative Forensics
Masters Degree in Forestry
Masters Degree in Genetics
Masters Degree in Geography
Masters Degree in Geology
Masters Degree in Gifted Education
Masters Degree in History
Masters Degree in Horticulture
Masters Degree in Industrial Design Technology
Masters Degree in Industrial Hygiene Management
Masters Degree in Industrial and Management Engineering
Masters Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications
Masters Degree in Journalism
Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture
Masters Degree in Legal Studies
Masters Degree in Liberal Studies
Masters Degree in Mathematics
Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Masters Degree in Mining Engineering
Masters Degree in Music
Masters Degree in Nursing
Masters Degree in Special Education
Masters Degree in Food and Nutrition
Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy
Masters Degree in Physical Education/Teacher Education
Masters Degree in Physics
Masters Degree in Plant Pathology
Masters Degree in Political Science
Masters Degree in Professional Writing
Masters Degree in Psychology
Masters Degree in Public Administration
Masters Degree in Public Health
Masters Degree in Reading
Masters Degree in Recreation & Park Resources
Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling
Masters Degree in English for Secondary Teachers
Masters Degree in Safety Management
Masters Degree in School Health Education
Masters Degree in Secondary Education
Masters Degree in Foreign Language Education
Masters Degree in Mathematics for Secondary Teachers
Masters Degree in Secondary Education - Science
Masters Degree in Secondary Education: Social Studies
Masters Degree in Severe/Profound Disabilities
Masters Degree in Social Work
Masters Degree in Sociology
Masters Degree in Software Engineering
Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology
Masters Degree in Sport Exercise Psychology
Masters Degree in Sport Management
Masters Degree in Statistics
Masters Degree in Theater
Postgraduate Programs
Doctoral Degree in Aerospace Engineering
Doctoral Degree in Agricultural and Extension Education
Doctoral Degree in Audiology
Doctoral Degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Doctoral Degree in Economics
Doctoral Degree in Education
Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership
Doctoral Degree in Educational Psychology
Doctoral Degree in Electrical Engineering
Doctoral Degree in English
Doctoral Degree in Exercise Physiology
Doctoral Degree in Genetics
Doctoral Degree in Geography
Doctoral Degree in Community Development
Doctoral Degree in Geology
Doctoral Degree in History
Doctoral Degree in Industrial Design Technology
Doctoral Degree in Industrial and Management Engineering
Doctoral Degree in Kinesiology
Doctoral Degree in Law
Doctoral Degree in Mathematics
Doctoral Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Doctoral Degree in Medicine
Doctoral Degree in Mining Engineering
Doctoral Degree in Music
Doctoral Degree in Neuroscience
Doctoral Degree in Nursing
Doctoral Degree in Occupational Safety and Health
Doctoral Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Doctoral Degree in Pharmacy
Doctoral Degree in Physical Education/Teacher Education
Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy
Doctoral Degree in Physics
Doctoral Degree in Soil Science
Doctoral Degree in Political Science
Doctoral Degree in Psychology
Doctoral Degree in Public Health
Doctoral Degree in Resources and Technology Management
Doctoral Degree in Special Education
Doctoral Degree in Sport Exercise Psychology

West Virginia University

Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Rating: Yes
Score: Yes
State: West Virginia
City: Morgantown
Street: PO Box 6201
ZIP: 26506
Phone: 304.293.0111


North Central Association of Colleges and Schools


The University offers its academic programs through the following schools and colleges: Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Economics, College of Creative Arts, School of Dentistry, College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, College of Human Resources and Education, WVU Institute of Technology, Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism, College of Law, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Potomac State College of WVU. WVU offers a great number of bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and professional degree programs.


The university's sports teams are called the Mountaineers and compete in the Big East Conference, a member of the NCAA's Division I. The Mountaineers are a very popular commodity for Internet, radio and television broadcasts. Some of their games are scheduled to be broadcast at the beginning of the season. Athletics include baseball, men and women's basketball's, women's cross country, football, gymnastics, rowing, rifle, men and women's soccer, men and women's swimming, women's tennis and track, volleyball, and wrestling.


Morgantown's Dining Services is one of the largest university food service departments in the country. It serves the varied tastes, appetites, and food preferences of thousands of University students and guests from over 90 countries. The department is committed to providing balanced, nutritious meals in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere and educating its customers about nutrition and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Morgantown Main Campus provides obligatory on campus housing for all single, first-year students. Transfer students with fewer than 29 transferable credit hours are also required to live on campus. There is an exception for students who live at home with parents within a 50-mile radius of WVU, who have children, students who are married, or are 21 years old. The Department of Transportation and Parking provides on-campus parking and fleet maintenance for University vehicles, operates shuttle services for persons with mobility impairments and charter bus services to and around campus. Congestion and parking is a problem in Morgantown. So it is recommend that first year students not bring a car to campus.


The Morgantown Main Campus maintains six libraries including the Downtown Campus Library, Evansdale Library, Health Sciences Library, Law Library, Math Library, and Media Services. WVU offers state-of-the-art public computer labs in convenient locations for its students, to utilize year-round. Faculty and staff can also reserve the computer training labs for computer training sessions or workshops.

Health & Safety

The Main Campus enhances the quality of life in the community. The West Virginia University Police is committed to preventing crime, preserving the peace and protecting lives and property by enforcing the laws of the state in a just, impartial, and equitable manner. WVU has selected Aetna Student Health as the student health insurance plan. Highlights of the plan include: 1) Accident & Sickness Medical Expense benefits; 2) Supplemental Buy-up option; 3) Coverage anywhere: at school, home or traveling, throughout the summer; 4) Access to the travel assistance services including emergency assistance.


Student organizations services enhances and furthers student engagement in extra-curricular activities at West Virginia University. The office provides programming, mentorship, and support which promotes retention and success of students. Students maybe involved in the following organizations: Student Association of WVU, Sigma Alpha, WVU Chapter of the Wildlife Society, Geography Graduate Group, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, Finance and Banking Club, Iota Phi Theta, Kappa Alpha Psi, West Virginia University Music Teachers National, Tobacco Free Mountaineers, WVU French Club, and others.


The Morgantown Main Campus provides its students with off-campus services. The Office of Off-Campus Housing assists students in finding a roommate or finding someone to sublet their apartment. The University gives lists of major stores and shopping centers, grocery stores, pharmacies, cellular providers, banks that are located near to the main campus. The nightlife at WVU comes with a large variety, and students never have to do the same thing twice. There is the University-sponsored “Up All Night” at the Mountainlair. They offer programs like casino night, movies, crafts, karaoke, free food, and other fun stuff to do on weekend nights. There are also University-sponsored concerts. A lot of the nightlife takes place downtown, where it is more commercialized. Downtown is also filled with several dance clubs; these are extremely popular with the female population because of great drink specials and large dance floors.

Alumni & Post-Grad

Membership in the Alumni Association is a great way to support programs and activities that help to enhance the mission and vision of West Virginia University. By joining, alumni are helping deserving students achieve their dreams, promoting the great success stories of the alumni, and providing important mentoring and career networking for fellow Mountaineers.

Jobs & Internship

The Career Services Department helps students discover their interests and guide them in selecting a field of study. The department can assist individuals in preparing a career plan by teaching them to develop job search techniques, writing a resume or preparing for an interview. Regardless of their questions, Career Services will help.

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