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West Virginia Junior College - Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology

Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Rating: Yes
Score: Yes
State: Pennsylvania
City: Mount Braddock
Street: PO Box 278
ZIP: 15465
Phone: 724-437-4600


Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools


The Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology provides its students with the skills they need to begin their career in a short period of time. Through career-focused classes and hands-on training, participants can earn an associate degree in short amount of time. The school's faculty brings industry knowledge to the classroom, helping students understand both theory and real-world experiences. Academic programs are designed to help individuals finish with a first-rate education, all while keeping the needs of potential employers in mind. The skills individuals will learn at WVCI are the skills they will need to succeed in their career.


The College’s campus facilities are located in a modern, commercial building with conveniently located parking nearby. The facilities are well maintained and periodically updated to meet the changing educational requirements brought about by the rapidly changing demands placed on today’s workforce; nevertheless, the facilities will always include at a minimum two or more computer labs, a basic resource center, a medical lab, general purpose classrooms, restrooms, a student lounge, a teacher’s lounge, and administrative offices.

Health & Safety

The Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology offers drug and alcohol abuse prevention program to its employee and students. As in a health career program, students have an increased risk of exposure to various health risks and illnesses, including Hepatitis B, they are informed about serious illness that may be prevented by a Hepatitis B vaccination. Students may disclose to the college that he/she has already been immunized; seek immunization; and may not to pursue immunization for Hepatitis B. The possession, carrying and use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives is prohibited on West Virginia Junior College owned or controlled property. Authorized law-enforcement officers or other persons specifically authorized by the School is the exception is for. The possession, sale or furnishing of alcohol on campus is not permitted. Also, the possession, sale, manufacture or distribution of any controlled substance is illegal under the state and federal laws.


Students are encouraged to be active in student chapters of professional organizations. The College will finance local chapters in areas related to students’ majors. Students interested in establishing a student organization, which is not already available on campus, should provide a written request to the Campus Director. The campus offers diverse opportunities for student recreation and social activities. The College may sponsor extracurricular activities in accordance with student interest.

Jobs & Internship

The College’s role in the graduate’s job search effort is to provide job search assistance for each graduate, and the graduate’s role is to make substantial, good faith efforts to find employment. The College’s services assist graduates in obtaining positions commensurate with their skill development. The graduate is responsible to seek job openings, send resumes, prepare for job interviews and do all those things suggested by the College and/or customarily done to aggressively obtain employment. Only the graduate can properly prepare his/her resume, conduct a job search, attend a job interview, impress the prospective employer, etc. The Institution’s role is to assist the graduate in accomplishing these activities.

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