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This is online community of international students studying in the USA.
The site where students help students to survive and thrive during their stay in America.
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Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Music in Music
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art
Bachelor of Arts in Art
Bachelor of Arts in Accounting
Bachelor of Arts in Teacher Preparation
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Bachelors Degree in Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising
Bachelors Degree in Architecture
Bachelors Degree in Construction Management
Bachelors Degree in Fine Art
Bachelors Degree in Interior Design
Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture
Bachelors Degree in Landscape Design
Bachelors Degree in Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics
Bachelors Degree in Communication
Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Computer Science
Bachelors Degree in Economics
Bachelors Degree in English
Bachelors Degree in Entrepreneurship
Bachelors Degree in Finance
Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management
Bachelors Degree in International Business
Bachelors Degree in Management Information Systems
Bachelors Degree in Marketing
Bachelors Degree in Operations Management
Bachelors Degree in Professional Writing
Bachelors Degree in Sport Management
Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Education
Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training
Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education
Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology
Bachelors Degree in Fitness
Bachelors Degree in Human Development
Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology
Bachelors Degree in Music Education
Bachelors Degree in Social Studies Education
Bachelors Degree in Bioengineering
Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Materials Science and Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Anthropology
Bachelors Degree in Art
Bachelors Degree in Asian Studies
Bachelors Degree in Chinese
Bachelors Degree in Ethnic Studies
Bachelors Degree in Foreign Language
Bachelors Degree in French
Bachelors Degree in History
Bachelors Degree in Humanities
Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Business
Bachelors Degree in Agriculture Production Management
Bachelors Degree in Animal Science
Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry
Bachelors Degree in Biology
Bachelors Degree in Biotechnology
Bachelors Degree in Chemistry
Bachelors Degree in Nursing for Registered Nurse (RN to BSN)
Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy
Bachelors Degree in Philosophy
Bachelors Degree in Political Science
Bachelors Degree in Pre-Law
Bachelors Degree in Pre-Medicine
Bachelors Degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Bachelors Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences
Bachelors Degree in Zoology
Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science
Bachelors Degree in Food Science
Bachelors Degree in Genetics
Bachelors Degree in Geology
Bachelors Degree in Greenhouse Management
Bachelors Degree in Mathematics
Bachelors Degree in Microbiology
Bachelors Degree in Natural Resources
Bachelors Degree in Neuroscience
Bachelors Degree in Organic Agriculture
Bachelors Degree in Physics
Bachelors Degree in Plant Science
Bachelors Degree in Psychology
Bachelors Degree in Turfgrass Management Technology
Bachelors Degree in Wildlife Science
Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice
Bachelors Degree in Social Science
Bachelors Degree in Sociology
Bachelors Degree in Women's Studies
Graduate Programs
Master of Arts in American Studies
Master of Arts in Anthropology
Master of Arts in Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising
Master of Arts in Applied Economics
Master of Arts in Communication
Master of Arts in Criminal Justice
Master of Arts in Education
Master of Arts in English
Master of Arts in Foreign Language
Master of Arts in History
Master of Arts in Human Development
Master of Arts in Interior Design
Master of Arts in Music
Master of Arts in Philosophy
Master of Arts in Political Science
Master of Arts in Sociology
Master of Arts in Speech and Hearing Sciences
Master of Science in Agricultural Science
Master of Science in Animal Science
Master of Science in Architecture
Master of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Master of Science in Biology
Master of Science in Botany
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Master of Science in Chemistry
Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Master of Science in Computer Science
Master of Science in Crop Sciences
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Science in Entomology
Master of Science in Environmental Engineering
Master of Science in Environmental Science
Master of Science in Exercise Science
Master of Science in Food Science
Master of Science in Geology
Master of Science in Horticulture
Master of Science in Landscape Architecture
Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering
Master of Science in Mathematics
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Master of Science in Molecular Biosciences
Master of Science in Natural Resources
Master of Science in Neuroscience
Master of Science in Physics
Master of Science in Plant Pathology
Master of Science in Psychology
Master of Science in Soil Science
Master of Science in Statistics
Master of Science in Veterinary
Master of Science in Zoology
Master of Business Administration in Business Administration
Masters Degree in Accounting
Masters Degree in Architecture
Masters Degree in Education
Masters Degree in Engineering & Technology Management
Masters Degree in Fine Art
Masters Degree in Health Policy
Masters Degree in Nursing
Masters Degree in Public Affairs
Masters Degree in Teaching
Postgraduate Programs
Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting
Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics
Doctor of Philosophy in American Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology
Doctor of Philosophy in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Botany
Doctor of Philosophy in Finance
Doctor of Philosophy in Hospitality and Tourism
Doctor of Philosophy in Management Information Systems
Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing
Doctor of Philosophy in Operations Management
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Communication
Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice
Doctor of Philosophy in Crop Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy in Economics
Doctor of Philosophy in Education
Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Apprenticeship
Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Science
Doctor of Philosophy in English
Doctor of Philosophy in Entomology
Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental and Natural Resources
Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Geology
Doctor of Philosophy in History
Doctor of Philosophy in Horticulture
Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics
Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Biosciences
Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience
Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy in Physics
Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Pathology
Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology
Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary
Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology
Doctoral Degree in Design Studies
Doctoral Degree in Education
Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Business
Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology Project Management
Graduate Certificate in Construction Management
Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education/Administration
Graduate Certificate in Engineering & Technology Management
Graduate Certificate in Exercise Science
Graduate Certificate in Nanotechnology
Graduate Certificate in Security Studies
Graduate Certificate in Manufacturing Leadership
Graduate Certificate in Molecular Biosciences
Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Engineering
Graduate Certificate in Project Management
Graduate Certificate in Six Sigma
Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management
Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture
Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering
Certificate Program in East Asian Studies
Certificate Program in Agricultural Education
Certificate Program in Bilingual Education
Certificate Program in Biology Education
Certificate Program in Chemistry Education
Certificate Program in Early Childhood Development
Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education
Certificate Program in Earth Science Education
Certificate Program in Elementary Education
Certificate Program in English
Certificate Program in English Education
Certificate Program in Family and Consumer Science
Certificate Program in Fitness
Certificate Program in General Science
Certificate Program in History Education
Certificate Program in Mathematics Education
Certificate Program in Mathematics for Middle School Teachers
Certificate Program in Music Education
Certificate Program in Physics Education
Certificate Program in American Indian Studies
Certificate Program in Professional Writing
Certificate Program in Social Studies Education
Certificate Program in Spanish Education
Certificate Program in Teacher Preparation
Certificate Program in Earth Science
Certificate Program in Gerontology
Certificate Program in Organic Agriculture

Washington State University

Enrollment: three times per year
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Rating: Yes
Score: Yes
State: Washington
City: Pullman
Street: PO Box 641227
ZIP: 99164
Phone: 206-448-1330


Commission on Colleges of the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges


Pullman Main Campus offers top-ranked undergraduate and graduate academic programs that are taught by experienced world-class professors. Degree programs offers numerous opportunities for hands-on research opportunities. Here individuals will find an academic community geared to preparing students for career and personal success.


The school's colors are crimson and gray. "Butch T. Cougar" is the school's mascot. Varsity athletics include men's baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, and track and field, as well as women's basketball, cross country, golf, rowing, soccer, swimming, volleyball, tennis, and track and field. University Recreation also supports 26 club sports, including bowling, men's crew, cricket, cycling, equestrian show team, men's and women's flag football, fencing, polo, men's and women's ice hockey, judo, men's lacrosse, logger sports, rodeo, men's rugby union, women's rugby, sailing, ski team, men's soccer, women's fast-pitch softball, taekwondo, triathlon, Ultimate, men's and women's volleyball, water polo and wrestling.


Students which want to live on campus, have many options to choose from. WSU's residence halls are much more than a place to sleep. Here students study, watch the latest sporting event and have an ice cream party in the lounge, and make friends. Nearly 4,500 students live in the 18 residence halls. As for the apartments - WSU has 3 single student apartment complexes and 6 family and graduate student complexes. For convenience, its rental rates include water, sewer, garbage, cable Internet and television service. WSU Pullman has a wide variety of dining locations to meet the diverse needs of the WSU Community. The residence dining facilities serve a wide variety of foods, catering to the varying needs of the community. Menus include a complete vegetarian selection. The Dining Centers also label and highlight for students Healthy Options, Vegan Options, and Vegetarian Options. Most residence halls have limited parking close to the hall. Residential Education Director (or RED) uses a priority parking system to determine who will receive parking in the lots closest to the hall. Apartment residents are required to have parking permits for all vehicles parked overnight at all of the apartment complexes. They are available at no cost from Parking Services. To receive a decal, a person must provide a current vehicle registration indicating that the vehicle belongs to either him/her or his/her parents.


WSU Pullman ranks in the top 100 universities for its research library system, which includes ore than 2 million books, 30,000 periodical subscriptions, media, maps, microforms, archives, special collections, and for computer access and Internet connections, among some 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide. The Pullman campus six libraries. The University has one of the best-equipped veterinary teaching hospitals in the world, offering top high-tech diagnostic and teaching facilities.

Health & Safety

The main task of the Washington State University Police Department, in partnership with the campus community, is to cultivate an atmosphere which supports the educational process and promotes academic and personal achievement, and community prosperity. Health & Wellness Services in conjunction with the College of Pharmacy provide flu vaccine to WSU students, faculty/staff, and members of the WSU community. Environmental Health and Safety is a non-academic service department dedicated to promoting and supporting the university's efforts to protect human health, safety and the environment. It provides consultation and services in the areas of public health, air and water quality, worker health and safety, and chemical waste disposal and cleanup.


Student Organization Services impacts WSU's over 350 student organizations intentionally for success with the service oriented four element model of organizational vitality: Management & Operations, Marketing & Public Relations, Event Planning & Safety and Finance & Fundraising. For a full list of student organizations or to create a brand new one visit the RSO Portal. Students may develop their leadership skills. They will learn the foundations of leadership and develop themselves and others through hands-on activities and experiences such as a workshop series, conferences, a weekend institute, a leadership library, and on-line resources - all offered through the Cougar Leadership Program.


WSU Pullman's outdoor recreation possibilities in the area include opportunities for hiking, camping, snow skiing, mountain biking, fishing, rafting, and boating.

Alumni & Post-Grad

WSU has the Alumni Association (WSUAA). Membership is one of the simplest and affordable methods to give back to WSU. The WSUAA will continue to enhance the regional and national reputation of WSU, increase scholarship assistance to deserving students, and expand the benefits and services members enjoy. Membership helps the University broaden its involvement in alumni outreach, student recruitment, equity and diversity initiatives, University advocacy, and other valuable programs. Membership also allows to develop innovative programming, networking events, and online services that help meet the growing needs of members.

Jobs & Internship

The Center for Advising and Career Development offers a holistic approach to student learning and career success. The Center provides students with purposeful and systematic services that foster student learning and development throughout an academic career at WSU. Here students will teach to build the strongest educational experience possible, while developing life planning skills.

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