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Internship programs for young specialists. Leading US companies offer an opportunity to gain excellent working experience.
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Program offers opportunities for career advancement (both within Actuarial and other areas enterprise-wide); seasoned, successful instructors/mentors with 30-40 years of relevant experience and knowledge in the actuarial field; gym reimbursement or free gym on-site; benefits are provided to students with Active Student Status only; for part-time associates, study time and compensation will be pro-rated. 

The schedule of hours is graded based on number of attempts at the same exam and the score on the previous attempt. The Company pays for all exam fees for one exam per 6-month period.


Boeing is usually looking for such majors, as: Engineering, Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Business and others. 

Required skills: An applicant should possess a good understanding of the following disciplines: Engineering science fundamentals; Mathematics, including statistics; Physical and life sciences; Information technology (more than “computer literacy”); Design and manufacturing processes; Economics; Business acumen and most importantly, teamwork. Prospective interns also should be able to think critically and creatively, and work independently and cooperatively. Other qualities the company looks for include the ability to adapt to rapid or major change, a desire for lifelong learning, the highest ethical standards and excellent communication skills.

Available positions: Electrical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Computer Engineers, Information Systems Analysts, Technical Designers, Systems Analysts, Systems Programmers, Database Administrators, Procurement Analysts, Network Designers, Budget Analysts, Market Analysts, Business Systems Analysts.

The interns work only with the top professionals in their field. Very few organizations work on projects of the size and scope that Boeing does. Interns work with real employees and managers, on real projects that have measurable effects on our company and on the world of aerospace science.

Participants will be at the forefront of the business, working on projects that are critical to company's success. Some past examples include:
     - Software Architecture Development.
     - Supplier Management and Procurement.
     - Conducting and documenting field surveys of the occupational environment.
     - Information Technology Intern to support functional and regression test automation.
     - Analyzing market dynamics/trends and assessing strategic alternatives for Boeing.
     - Assist procurement agents by contacting suppliers and ensuring compliance with subcontract schedules in support of critical program requirements.
     - Component and system requirements and design, troubleshooting/root cause analysis, and corrective action formulation to resolve production and in-service problems with the system and/or components.

Internship opportunities may be available in the following locations: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, D.C., Metro, Washington.

 About our Project

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