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Internship programs for young specialists. Leading US companies offer an opportunity to gain excellent working experience.
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Kraft Foods

60093 3 Lakes Dr.

Kraft Foods is the largest food and beverage company headquartered in the United States and the second largest in the world (after Nestlй SA).

Kraft Foods, Inc. (NYSE: KFT) has 103,000 worldwide. It is operations in more than 70 countries worldwide and has sales in more than 150 countries. Kraft Foods has 11 Research & Development centers.

Revenue 2009 - $42,867 millions


Kraft offers internships in all of the business functions and at many of its locations. Most interns are college juniors or first-year graduate students. The company also have interns through internship programs such as AIESEC with prior work experience on longer duration internships. At Kraft an internship provides you with an opportunity to provide professional support and become an integral part of a business team. Its interns have the chance to learn while making a real contribution to the company. They become a part of key management meetings, receive meaningful projects, and have access to senior management.

Each intern is assigned a supervisor who designates projects, answers questions, and provides guidance. Throughout the entire experience, goals are identified and interns receive feedback and informal mentoring. Each intern receives a mid-term evaluation to assess performance, review goals, and discuss development activities. In most internships, interns prepare a final presentation for members of senior level management at the conclusion of their internship.

An internship at Kraft provides a valuable opportunity to develop relationships with professionals and other interns. Interns receive on-site training in areas that relate to their function or general management and presentation skills. A variety of social events are scheduled, including community service events and field tour events.

Interviews for summer internships are usually conducted on campuses through Fall and Spring. The dates are advertised on campus in advance. Students should check with their placement office to see when a Kraft representative is scheduled to visit their campus. Interns are usually selected and notified by early March.

 About our Project

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