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Internship programs for young specialists. Leading US companies offer an opportunity to gain excellent working experience.
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The Boston Consulting Group

2109 53 State Street

The Boston Consulting Group is a global management consultancy and the world's leading advisor on business strategy.

BCG has grown on average at about 15 to 20 percent per year showing strength in all regions, for more than a decade. In the last five years alone, company’s revenue has doubled. During this same period, it has added over a dozen offices. Experience shows that while the growth rate may change somewhat, more than anything else the work mix tends to adapt when the economy goes through a downturn. BCG has 1,680 employees in the USA.


BCG interns work on real projects and are mentored by BCG consultants, getting the true feel of the BCG experience and the life of a consultant. Top performers in both the Summer Internship and Visiting Associate Programs can earn the opportunity for full-time employment at BCG upon completing their studies. 

The summer program is a chance for students to learn about BCG and at the same time allow BCG to learn about them. The program is a 10- to 16-week internship in which students are hired and assume the role of an associate or consultant.

For its summer interns, BCG looks for candidates who are eager to learn the consulting business and grow with the company. Some college graduates who have already earned a bachelor’s degree choose this option in order to explore the world of consulting. The Visiting Associate Program targets undergraduate students who, on the basis of their outstanding academic performance, are promising candidates.

All interns are assigned to client projects and given responsibility for particular portions of the work. They participate in case team meetings and interact with client teams, experiencing the day-to-day work of professional consultants, with many opportunities to interact with BCG principals and partners, and the people at BCG who may one day be colleagues.

Lasting for two to three months, an internship is an ideal “mutual fit” assessment - as an intern gets to know the consulting business, BCG also gets to know the intern. Orientation and training sessions aimed at providing additional insight into the consulting profession are offered throughout the internship.

 About our Project

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